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At this point in the story, we learn what happened to Alex. He had been in a coma for several weeks following the bombing of the Travel Corporation building. He was saved at the last minute by a message from his brother to get out of the building. He almost made it out unscathed, but he was injured in the explosion and buried under some rubble. He was then rescued by an unnamed party, who carried him to the Hollows, an underground city where people can essentially live as outcasts and exiles.

Alex has been presumed dead for weeks, and Ellie has been tipped off that Alex is alive and being kept in the Hollows. She and Lewis manage to find a secret way in, but they don’t know what to expect. People who go down there
casually—if your employers find out that you are going there, then they will likely fire you, and then you’re considered not hirable and thus not a citizen. It’d be likely that you’d have no choice but to live there.

The question for them now is who took Alex, and when will he wake up. The song is a conversation between Ellie and the comatose Alex. Up to this point,

Alex has been resistant to think of himself as anything other than just a normal guy. He wants neither to be different nor a hero. Ellie is pleading with him to become the person he is supposed to be when he wakes up. He’s nearly been killed. Now it’s time to fight back.

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