“I Am More”

My new single “I Am More” is finally out. Listen to it at https://hypeddit.com/pharmacose/iammore

This is the first song off my upcoming album, Ascension Constraint, Part II. It continues the storyline of Part I—at this point, our protagonist Alex has been rescued from the rubble of the Travel Corporation bombing by an unknown party.

We don’t yet know who has rescued him, and he is comatose. This song’s lyrics explore his journey while he is unconscious. It can be thought of as the spiritual component of his journey. Before the explosion, he had finally been coming to grips with the fact that he is different, perhaps even special, but he hasn’t fully accepted it. He is still fearful and lacks confidence. He knew just before the explosion that he would be a primary suspect. Perhaps in his comatose state, he can somehow accept his role in what is to come.

He doesn’t yet realize it, but the bombing is a point of no return. Hopefully, he will find and accept his path on this spiritual journey, because he can never go back to his old life.

From a production standpoint, all the synths on this song are modular. The bass is a Noise Engineering Manis Iteritas, while the sub bass is from a Moog DFAM. The other parts are from a Doepfer A-111-4, which I use with an Expert Sleepers FH-2 for polyphony. I could have just gotten a polyphonic synth, but that didn’t seem as flexible or fun.

The guitars were miked using a beyerdynamic’s M160 on a Revv cabinet; I use a Revv Generator amp head. I also switched over to a BeesNeez Arabella mic for the vocals.

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