“Could I Be Dreaming?”

A new single – “Could I Be Dreaming?” – out now.

Our plot begins to accelerate as Alex has a strange experience after a conversation with Mr. Cole. Meanwhile, Ellie is concerned about Darius taking so long during his meeting with Karpus. Stuck at the office, she finds some troubling evidence that she could be unknowingly working alongside a traitor.

The song’s lyrics reflect both characters’ experiences. Alex has what could be an out of body experience, and Ellie is shocked that a member of her team could be spying on her.

The song was written, recorded, and mixed by me (Wes). It features a sequenced Eurorack bass line mixed with live instruments and stacked vocal harmonies.

We hope you enjoy it!

Check out the track and read the new Ascension’s Constraint chapter on Kindle Vella.

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