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In this part of our story, Omneuro has been forcibly implanted into Darius. We are yet to see how it affects his mood, and if Omneuro can truly manipulate Darius’ actions.

The book presents a sort of a cyberpunk theme, wherein people have enhancements to help with thoughts and cognition. I think such things are actually on the horizon.

And while I advocate such devices for medical purposes, I am skeptical about enhancements. I think it takes away from what it means for us to be human. To be able to learn things faster (or instantly) sounds appealing, but it’s the quest that makes us who we are. The effort is what makes us better.

Of course, it’s also scary to think about such technology being hacked. Or even worse, people compelled to have such implants due to external social pressures.

Let’s see where things lead next.

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