“Do Something”

“Do Something,” our brand new single, is out now! Stream it here.

I’ve been preoccupied with the nature of consciousness for a while now, and it’s made me question how we behave towards each other and all living things.

The Orch OR theory, a favorite of mine, proposes that consciousness has a quantum mechanic to it, and that it’s possible we receive it via vibrations of microtubules in our brain. That’s a rough overview, and I’m not saying it’s 100% true, but it’s one of the most complete theories on consciousness there is. And given it comes from a Nobel Prize winning physicist and a medical doctor, it may be worth a bit of thought.

Everybody wants to change the world, but maybe we should look inward first, to see who we are as individuals and what we can do to improve ourselves. Only then can things fall into place better, not just individually, but also collectively.

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